Adamsville, Texas

Our History

My Momma's soap-making began in Adamsville, Texas in 1999 when the family was faced with certain nutritional changes in order to gain better health. It made sense to take care of the outside of the body while taking care of the inside. The benefits of handcrafted soap was already well known from Momma of the 19th century and Momma of the early  20th century. So it was a natural decision to continue the legacy. Back then soap was made in an old black wash-pot outdoors on an open fire stirred religiously all day long. The mixture did not smell good, but it was so kind to the skin and hair. And if one lived far out from town, it was more convenient to make the soap rather than driving the buggy or riding the horse to make the purchases.

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The 21st century brought more knowledge to soap-making, and the kind of technology that allowed the women to actually evolve soap-making into an art and a science. Today soap can be made in an hour with simple kitchen accessories and a plethora of ingredients. (Momma loves to use her electric stick-blender.) Then comes the drying and curing time, and, voila, a natural product.


The majority of what you buy in the store today is not really soap at all, but harsh, petroleum-based detergent that dries and irritates our skin.The most common “fragrances” used are also synthetic petrochemicals that trigger allergic reactions in many of us. There are no carcinogens, additives and especially no petroleum. And all our soaps are vegan!


My Momma's Soap is hand created by the 'cold process' method, which requires a 4 week curing period, yielding a harder, longer lasting bar of soap. All the soaps contain fixed oils of coconut, palm, canola and olive; and specialty bars contain light oils of avocado, almond, jojoba and Shea butter.  All essential oils used to scent the soaps are directly distilled from herbs. A few fragrance oils (alcohol free) are used in some of the soaps. Colorants are FDA approved and include oxides and clays. Some vegetable based colors used in the home kitchen are used, as well as vegetables and fruits commonly found in the supermarket and home. Density of color range varies in each soap batch. All soaps are hand cut-no trim.


The ingredients in all My Momma's products are easily pronounced and can be found in the dictionary. Perform allergy test before using any new product. My Momma's products should not replace a physician's care and are not to be considered healing.


We support the American way of the small businesses owner and the farmer. We will always use natural ingredients that is kind to your skin. It is important to preserve natural resources, the Earth, and the environment. This is our legacy to you.



Soap's History

The history of soap is rather interesting, and goes back thousands of years. Archives from the Middle East indicate that people knew about a soap-like substance as long as 4000 years ago, much before Jesus. The cleansing property of an accidental mixture was discovered at about 1000 BC when, according to legend, the fat from the animals that were sacrificed in the fire to the Roman gods mixed with the ashes of the fire and ran down the sides of the altar on Mount Sapo.

Over time this viscous mess found its way down to the Tiber River below. Women doing their laundry at the river noticed that the dirt was easier to get out if they applied the tacky mixture to the fabric first.  They had discovered the first soapy mixture of saponified acid (fats) and alkali (caustic ashes) at a place near Mount Sopa. The Roman historian, Pliny gave this sticky mixture the same name as that hill, "sapo" which later became our modern word "soap".